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A Little More About Me

Le "Pigeon voyageur" , the Homing Pigeon is what my friends used to call me. A bird who travels around the world but always comes back to its home.

After more than 20 years of exploring, I have decided to come back to my roots, to my home and bring with me my experiences, my learning, my passions, and my will to share these with everyone.

I discovered Yoga in Australia 20 years ago when a colleague brought me to a Iyengar style class. It was straight away a hit. I enjoyed the focus , the discipline of the practice, and the feeling of growing.

Ireland, France, Germany followed and I continued my practice while working in the automotive industry as an engineer. I discovered other styles of yoga, other teachers, from different cultures, from different schools, and every time I was never bored, I wanted more. 

It was in my last journey, in Hong Kong, that I finally took the step to acknowledge my passion and dedicated time to train myself to become a certified teacher. My training was under the supervision of the leading yoga teacher and tutor, Patrick Creelman, Director of Instruction at Pure Yoga Hong Kong.

Patrick taught me a solid foundation in teaching a class with intelligent alignment combined spiritual knowledge.

I have also received training from the experienced teacher Wendy Wyvill with whom I deepened my knowledge on Pranayama and Breathwork practice. The topic Breathing really changed my general health and, in order to help others to benefits from this, I recently graduated as an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor, with Patrick McKeow.


I am grateful for all these encounters and respect all my teachers immensely. 

I am now back home. Home is so important to me and I am excited to share all what I have learnt through all these years with you. 

Join me !


  • RYT 200 HR Wild Lotus with Patrick Creelman, Hong Kong

  • CYT 100 HR Kids Yoga with Anahata Yoga, Hong Kong

  • CYT 40 HR Pranayama & Breathwork Teacher Training with Wendy Wyvill, Hong Kong

  • Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor Training

  • Menopause Yoga Teacher Training with Petra Coveney

Continuous Learning:

  • Mastering the Art of Sequencing with Jason Crandell

  • A better way to flow: Injury Prevention & Management with Jason Crandell


What do students say about Anne?

"Anne embodies everything that matters to me in yoga, the breathing, the meditation, the strength and the stretching. With an enlightening selection of short introduction text and appropriate music, Anne instantly finds the tone for mindfulness at the very start of her class. Her class gets gradually deeper and more challenging while she stays attentive to the students and their preferences."

Mildred, Hong Kong 

« Je recommande Anne autour de moi pour tout ce qu’elle est et qu’elle m’a offert : du temps, de l’écoute, les bons conseils, les explications scientifiques bienvenues, la diversité des exercices et des supports donnés (vidéos et documents papier). Je me sentais extrêmement bien après chaque séance, c’était un réel plaisir ! » 

E, France

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