Yoga & Breathwork With Anne

Practice with Authenticity

  • She is also a teacher in Breathwork & Pranayama with completion of a CET 40 HR  training.

  • She is based in Strasbourg, France, and offers a practice accessible to all levels, based on alignment principles with an emphasis on breathing technique to allow each student to grow in their practice, building up their physical strength while connecting to their inner-self.

  • Anne teaches in a bilingual approach, in English and French:

    • see her classes here

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My Values

Stay True to Yourself

Authenticity is a key value that I have carried throughout my life. Being true to myself, accepting who I am and doing the best I can to give a better version of myself has been a constant path of discovery.

Connecting with people and being part of a Community bring me happiness and growth.

I am an Enthusiastic person looking for challenges with a strong need of sharing the fun with others.

These values are embedded in the Yoga Philosophy and therefore my practice aims for connection, authenticity, harmony and balance, while challenging oneself to do the best we can.

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