Breathwork & Pranayama


"Pranayama is a method for loosening and deleting negative conditions so we may experience life and the world as they truly are and not according to the painful imprints of our past"

Maehle, Cox & Watson

My personal experience 

My exposure to Breathing methods & Pranayama started with my yoga practice where teachers would guide me through techniques such as Ujjayi, Yogic breath, Nadi Shodhana or Kapalabhati. Although I could feel something positive happening in my body and left the class calmer with more focus, I did not know why I felt this way and most important

 if I was doing it right!

It was in Hong Kong, thanks to a good friend of mine who is a certified Breathing Coach, that I found out I was far away from breathing functionally, like the way "we should breathe", and was therefore missing out on most of the health benefits that this natural process could bring us.

As a yogi with regular practice, this outcome puzzled me! 

This is when I decided to dive deeper in the topic and started to gain knowledge via experts, such as Robin Rothenberg, and trained with my yoga teacher, Wendy Wyvill, whose approach to yoga is very focused on functional breath, and with whom I completed my Breathwork&Pranayama training. 

I started to learn how to breathe using the correct muscles & airways, how to practice breath retention in a healthy & safe way and how to apply the concept "less is more", taking less air in for more health benefits.

The more I practiced this subtle breath the more I felt the shift in my body and mind.

It has changed me, not only when I practice yoga but as a whole. With Breathwork I have improved the way I deal with stress, my digestive system is no longer an issue, my brain feels a lot clearer & communication is more fluid , and finally I sleep better

Using my training, my knowledge and my practice I want to share these techniques with my students to help them to become functional breather and let them enjoy the benefits from this powerful tool, our Breath.


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“yoga citta vritti nirodha”

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.2

The state of yoga reflects the cessation of movement within the mind

Nirodha - the still lake of the mind

What to expect in a Breathwork & Pranayama session


Shifting the way we breathe and having impactful changes on our body & mind do not happen overnight, it takes time. Quick fixes and "Woaw effect" that one can feel through intenses practices including for example hyperventilation can create on the moment a feeling of change but most time it damages our inner body balance. 

My intention is to give my students a toolbox they can use on their own for a long term change, understand how our body work, how is meant to work, how we can make it work better and how we can fix health issues, on the physiological and mental level. 

A session has 3 phases:

  • Arriving: we start with breath observation and arrive in the practice of functional breathing with some exercises to understand the biomechanics & biochemistry of our body. 

  • Anchoring: Slowly we anchor ourselves deeper and explore subtle breathing, using Pranayama. Light, Slow & Deep Breath.

  • Letting go: Once the breath has becoming quiet & subtle, we can finally let go of our turbulence and still the mind, through simple meditation techniques. 


After a class we feel light, free and focus to move on in our day

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